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Willow Beach Harbor is located on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. The turn off is just 14 Miles south of Hoover Dam and another 3.5 miles off Highway 93.

The approximately 50 mile drive from Las Vegas makes Willow Beach a less crowded spot to visit. However, do not take anything for granted, it is very well known among local fishermen. As the gateway to the Black Canyon, Willow Beach sees a lot of visitors who come here to launch their boats or to rent boats. The Colorado is very calm below the dam and the high canyon walls usually keep out any winds. This makes Willow Beach a perfect place for boating. Much of the time, the water is smooth and almost glassy. It should be noted that there are strong currents in some places. An interesting feature of the Colorado below Hoover Dam is the cold water. Even in the height of the summer when the water temperatures in Lake Mead are in the '70's, the river will be at least 20 degrees colder. Because the river is fast moving it does not get a chance to heat up and it stays at about 50 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit all year long.

Willow Beach has a convenience store, a launch ramp, boat rentals and marine fueling facilities. It is recommended that when you visit Las Vegas, drive out here, rent a boat and see Hoover Dam from the bottom. Now that is different. Again, do not take anything for granted, if you want to rent a boat, call the day before. Especially on weekends. We recommend weekdays, because most likely you will have the place to yourself.

For boat rental reservations and current rates, contact at phone # 520.767.4747.

Willow beach is probably a beautiful place to go fishing! Find out what fishing boats are the best to use on Lake Mead! Make sure you are using the best fishing reels out there on your next fishing trip!

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