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Hot in the summer and cold in the winter, Las Vegas is a place that owes is existence to history and success, to trends in society and some really great marketing. Like many success stories, no one could have planned it this way and no one could have planned it better. Why has Las Vegas been so popular?

- Climate
While it is hot in the summer, overall Las Vegas still has one of the most comfortable climates in the United States. Arguably without the invention of refrigerated air conditioning Las Vegas might not be the place it is today. But another factor is also part of it. Because of the low humidity of the desert the summer heat is easier to deal with than the summer heat in most other places with lower daily temperatures including parts of the Midwest, east coast and southeast. Las Vegas enjoys an average of 289 days of sunshine per year. Since this is a night life, 24-hour city, the warm, dry summer nights are outstanding for visitors and locals.

In recent years the US market has come under financial pressures and Las Vegas casinos are not immune to such pressures. To combat this trend many of these casinos are now moving to a global market and the emerging US regulated online casino space.

- Location
Las Vegas Strip circa 2002 Las Vegas is centrally located in the Southwest quadrant of the United States. Partly because of this, Las Vegas was destined to become a distribution and transportation center. Easy access to California, Arizona, Utah and many other places in the west has helped to make Las Vegas a primary warehousing point for several large international and nationally based corporations.

- Transportation
Las Vegas has become and is a major hub for airlines, railroads, and trucking. Major and regional airlines find Las Vegas to be one of their most popular and profitable destinations. McCarran International Airport is the 8th busiest airport in the US. Cheap flights to Las Vegas has been one of the principal sources for success of Las Vegas Tourism. In fact Las Vegas was founded in part as a railroad city. Because of its central location Las Vegas is still a principal route for the railroads.

- Setting
Las Vegas Hilton Las Vegas is the closest major city to more internationally famous parks than any other city in the United States. Las Vegas is the gateway to the Grand Canyon. More people visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas than from anywhere else. Lake Mead National Recreation Area is only 20 minutes east of Las Vegas. Lake Mead has over 10 million visitors a year. Hoover Dam is only 30 minutes from Las Vegas. Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, in Utah, are only a few hours away from Las Vegas. Death Valley gets more visitors from Las Vegas than from anywhere else. Yosemite is also only a few hours away from Las Vegas. There are several 'local' parks that are just as outstanding as these. The Valley Of Fire is a state park which gets over 200,000 visitors per year. Red Rock Canyon is a favorite of the locals. The Spring Mountains with forests, skiing, snowboarding and camping are also a local favorite. The Great Basin National Park is new. Once people find out about this park, it will receive a lot of visitors. Most of them coming through Las Vegas.

Sunset Park - McCollough Range in background Las Vegas is situated in a relatively large valley is that is surrounded by mountains and mountain ranges. To the west is the Spring Mountain Range consisting of sedimentary limestone and sandstone peaks. To the south is the McCullough Range made up of extinct volcanoes. To the east is Frenchman's Mountain that exhibits, in widely variegated horizontal colors, about 600 million years of earths history. To the north is the Sheep Range whose limestone strata swirl and shift in so many directions geologists disagree as to the interpretation of their geological record.

- Las Vegas Tourism
The tourist economy of Las Vegas derives from the over 44 million visitors that come here every year. The principal attractions are diverse entertainment venues, gambling, climate, proximity to national parks, the gorgeous and not so gorgeous hotels, the 24 hour atmosphere, cheap lodging and food, major sporting events, and hundreds of other attractions. Much of the entertainment is provided free by the many hotels and casinos including the highly acclaimed Treasure Island pirate ship show and Bellagio fountains. Many people see the place by booking Las Vegas packages.

- Future Trends
Tourism in Las Vegas began slowly with the legalization of gambling in the 1930's. Since then, the industry has gone through several evolutions. From Mob ties in the early days to the Howard MIrgage on the Strip Hughes era, the industry has constantly renewed itself. Currently, Las Vegas is currently in the 'mega-resort' phase of its development. Large, billion dollar resort complexes are now the norm. Each of these meg-resorts are so impressive as to become destinations in themselves. The large price tag on new resorts has in part created a barrier for building newer resorts however. The one thing that has not changed about the resorts in Las Vegas is that they still like to base themselves around some kind a appealing theme. For example, Caesars Palace has a Roman theme, the Luxor has an Egyptian theme and so on.

- Las Vegas Tours
Learn More about Las Vegas and its attractions by taking a professionally guided tour with Las Vegas Tours.

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