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Echo Bay is located on Overton Basin of Lake Mead NRA. It can be accessed from the North Shore Road. Because it is further from Las Vegas, it tends to be slightly less crowded on weekends. It is just over an hours drive from Las Vegas.

The best way to get there from Las Vegas is to take Interstate 15 north to Lake Mead Blvd. At Lake Mead Blvd, take the eastbound cutoff. This will take you through North Las Vegas and over the summit between Frenchman's and Sunrise Mountains. The view of Las Vegas is probably one of the best from this vantage point.

As you cross over the summit and leave the Las Vegas valley behind, you will soon be able to see Lake Mead in the distance. About 12 miles past the summit, you will reach Nevada 167, turn north (left) towards Callville Bay, Echo Bay and Overton. Echo Bay is about 30 miles away
Echo Bay - 2004This road is very scenic and affords many photo opportunities. The speed limit is 55 except in some of the curvy places. The ride is very safe as there have been very few accidents along this stretch of road in many years.

There is a restaurant, motel and other facilities available here. The waters of Lake Mead tend to be calmer at Echo Bay. Unless it is a windy day.
Echo BayThere are excellent RV facilities here. Boat rentals and cruises are also available. Because of its proximity to the Valley of Fire, Overton, its location along the North Shore Road, and the facilities, this is a pretty good spot to stay for a few days.

During January, 'snowbirds' find their way down to many of the marinas and camping spots on Lake. There are even a few permanent residents who find this to be a good spot to live.

Note that these are pre-drought photos.

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