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Petroglyph Canyon is located near the center of the Valley of Fire. The canyon is about .75 miles long and ends at the "Mouse's Tank". These photos were taken in andMan and Spirits? around the immediate area of Petroglyph Canyon.

This concentration of petroglyphs is the second major area with petroglyphs that is open to the public in the Valley Of Fire. The hike to the Mouse's Tank is not too difficult. There is very little elevation and the trail is well marked. The only difficulty you will encounter here is with the heat and the sand. You should not find yourself here in the summer months during the middle of the day with out water and proper clothing. The walk to the Mouse's Tank takes enough time and the occasional deep sand in the path makes it just exerting enough for each person to require at least 1/2 gallon of water depending on the size of the person. This applies to the months of June, July, August and sometimes late May and early September.

The trek to the Mouse's Tank is not specifically the object of the hike, the petroglyphs along the sides of the small, twisty canyon are easy to see and sufficiently mystifying even for petroglyph 'hunters'.  

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