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Overton Beach is the last, or first, (depending on the direction you are coming from), marina Map of where Overton Beach Is on Lake Mead. Overton Beach is located on the far north end of Lake Mead. It is close to Overton, of course, the Lost City Museum with its exhibits and the Valley of Fire.

Unfortunately because of the continuing drop in Lake Mead water levels and the end of a concession contract have forced the NPS to close the popular marina. The 185 boat slips will be moved to other marinas at Lake Mead. The long-term trailer park will also be terminated.

What will remain is the boat launch and the ranger station. The photos below are of a happier, wetter time in 1998 and all are sad to see this beautiful facility come to an end. Hopefully only on a temporary basis.
Overton Beach Marina - Pre-droughtThis seems to be one of better places on Lake Mead for fishing. The waters are really shallow in this part of the lake. There are a LOT of places that fish like to be ...

My experience has been, frustrating. I have dangled bait in front of giant catfish. That's part of the beauty of shallow, clear water. You can see the fish. Perhaps the problem is that they can see you also. It has been suggested that I might have done two things wrong. Wrong bait, hmm, maybe? Wrong strategy, probably.
Overton Beach MarinaIf you can see the fish, THEY can see you. If you know what you are doing, this is one of the best places on Lake Mead to cast your fishing line.

For much better advice than I can ever give you please go to our fishing bulletin board. Out bulletin board lets you read and post messages, advice and other information about fishing at Lake Mead. This bulletin board has been posting messages since 1998. So the is a lot of advice and experience there. Please use it if you have any questions about fishing at Lake Mead NRA.

The photos that you see here are from December 1998 and are among the first digital photos that we took. The lake was 'extremely full' then and some adjustments to the location of the marina have been made. This does not effect the quality of the boating or the ease of launching from Overton Beach.

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