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Callville Bay, Lake Mead NRA
Callville Bay, one of the closest marinas to Las Vegas is 40 to 50 miles outside of Las Vegas, depending on where you start from. It is close enough to Las Vegas to be convenient, yet far enough away to be a little less crowded than other places on Lake Mead. It is Located at the north part of Boulder Basin on Lake Mead. Just to the east of this marina is Boulder Canyon. Known to some local boaters as the "narrows", Boulder Canyon was originally considered for the location of the Hoover Dam.

Callville Bay has all the amenities that you should expect from a marina. With over 600 slips, Callville Bay is one of the largest 'inland' marinas in the United States and is considered the best inland marina in North America. One of the reasons for its popularity with boaters is probably its central location on Lake Mead.
Callville Bay is reasonably close to many of the attractions - over the water - at Lake Mead to make it a reasonable base camp for other activities such as sight seeing along the North Shore Road or a quick visit to Hoover Dam.

There is a small community of permanent residents. Living at Lake Mead is an attractive alternative for living in the Las Vegas area. The convenience of Las Vegas is just a few miles away. The atmosphere and recreation possibilities of Lake Mead are always at hand.

This is one of the things that makes Callville Bay interesting. The community which lives here is probably less than a few hundred (we have no idea really just going by the number of trailers). 

Sport fishing is also an interest to visitors and probably anyone who chooses to live here. As you look back at the Callville marina, the calm dark blue water is inviting. you get a sense of safety going out over the water. This can change to driving winds and incredibly choppy water very quickly at certain times of the year. 

The views are interesting and stark. Callville bay sits next to an ancient volcanic lava flow. In fact there are volcanoes everywhere in this part of Lake Mead NRA. Sometimes we don't even notice that they are volcanoes.
This photo looks up at the volcanic mesa. The climb up is amazingly difficult. At the top you get a great view of Boulder Basin. The surface is covered in some areas with small circular clearings made by the Desert Bighorn Sheep.

The masthead photo at the top of this page was taken from Callville Mesa In August 2004. The effects of the drought are considerable here. We have photos and pictures from 1999 up to 2004 on these pages to show the contrasts.

Due time limitations we have not been able to post these images yet.

This image was taken in May 1999 and it looks back the slips and Callville Mesa.

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