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Lake Mead National Recreation Area is located in the southeast corner of Nevada. It is only about 30 miles away from Las Vegas at its closest point, Las Vegas Bay. There are three ways to get to Lake Mead from Las Vegas; Lake Mead Blvd through North Las Vegas; Lake Mead Drive through Henderson; and through Boulder City. Each route is labeled on the map below.

Getting there ,,,
A] Lake Mead Boulevard is recommended if you want to take the North Shore Scenic Drive, visit Callville Bay, Echo Bay, Red Stone, Rogers Spring, Overton Beach or the Valley of Fire. From downtown Las Vegas, drive north on I 15. Turn right at Lake Mead Blvd. This will take you through North Las Vegas and in between Frenchmen's' and Sunrise Mountains. After you leave I 15, it will be about 5 miles to the summit. From there you will get an excellent view of the Las Vegas Valley. About 12 miles later you will come to an intersection with Highway 167, the North Shore Road. The sign explains your options.

Clark County MapB] Lake Mead Drive can easily be accessed from the south part of Las Vegas, including the strip by taking I 15 south to I 215 taking that route south all the way. This freeway turns into Lake Mead Drive at its terminus. Stay on Lake Mead Drive and it will take you out of the Las Vegas Valley towards Lake Mead. At the Highway 167 intersection you will get the choice to go towards Lake Mead Marina and Hoover Dam or to the North Shore Road.

C] The US 93 route is fastest if you want to get to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead Marina, Hemenway Harbor and Boulder Beach. From downtown Las Vegas Vegas just take US 93 south towards Phoenix. This freeway will take you through Henderson and across Railroad Pass into Boulder City. Until the Bypass Project is complete, US 93/95 will route through Hoover Dam. In Boulder City the turn off to Hoover Dam also takes you to Lake Mead close to the areas of Boulder Beach, Hemmenway Harbor an Lake Mead Marina.
After you get there ...

Lake Mead Basins Lake Mead NRA covers a large area and touches 3 states. Some of the major spots are located below. Lake Mead is divided into 5 'basins'. Starting from the north is the Overton Arm, then Virgin, Boulder, Temple and Gregg Basins. Lake Mead NRA is also next to Valley of Fire State Park in the north and the Grand Canyon to the east.

For the most complete set of maps the best place to look is at the Park Services web site. They have free downloadable maps available. These are great maps for every part of Lake Mead NRA, boaters maps, interactive maps, campground maps and more. For more information and links go to our map page.
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