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Located in the southeast part of the Las Vegas Valley and diagonally across from McCarran Airport, Sunset Park is the focus of a surprising number of activities. Almost every day a group is having an event or activity there.

The place is rather large with a large lake at the south end of it so it can accommodate a lot. There is a doggie area at the very south end of the park where several groups seem to have competitions on a regular basis.
Several times a year certain events, such as the 'Ren Fair', which is abbreviated from 'renaissance', take up the whole park. During the 'Ren Fair', participants dress up like people in the Renaissance era of Europe.

The Ren Fair is very well attended and there are lots of activities such as sword fights, dog races and concerts.

It is a good way to spend an afternoon in the park with the kids or to dress up in your medieval attire.

Las Vegas has a large theatre community and this is a likely place to see people in costume.

If you would like to see more photos of the Renaissance Fair,click here
One of the most prominent features of Sunset Park is the lake. Simply referred to as the Lake, this several acre lake was once a pond that flowed from a local spring. As the water table declined in the valley the spring was less able to rejuvenate itself naturally.

In the summer of 2000, the county completed the refurbishment of the this lake and it now also has an island with the old replica of an Easter Island statue prominently located at the north end of the island facing Las Vegas.

These photos show some of the lake early days when they were just putting the water back into it.

If you would like to see more photos of the Lake being filled, click here.
Sunset Park
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