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These photos were taken in the spring of 1998. Some of these areas were burned in a forest fire in the early part of this century.

This photo was taken near Lovell Summit. The Lovell Summit road is just over 2 miles from the top to the bottom of the canyon. It runs through a very nice Pine, Sage and Juniper forest. There are only a few burn areas visible from this road.

While it is a dirt road, it is also an excellent downhill mountain bike run. In fact this is the best run in Lovell Canyon that I am aware of. The road is hardpan and has a few challenging spots. There are virtually no gravel spots so at least that problem is eliminated. Lovell Canyon The road can be kind of 'ridge-y' and control can definitely be an issue. If approached carefully, this is a safe run. The most important thing to remember is that you do not see the road ahead of you. It winds and there are trees and cliffs.

Change is inevitable in the Spring Mountains. Areas that were once frequented only by true outdoor enthusiasts are now subject to the clueless vandals who consider these mountains to be nothing more than a party spot and treat it so poorly.  

Lovell Canyon - NevadaThis is an area which deserves the respect which is so often forgotten in other parts of this range. 

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