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Red Rock - Calico Canyon Photos
'Calico Canyon' is located on the northern end of Red Rock Canyon. It's a unique  place with a lot of petroglyphs and unusual rock formations.

This may not be the actual name of this canyon. But since the rest of Red Rock is so crowded, that's OK anyway. It is a serious hike with a lot of diverse scenery. The trails seem to be very old and take you through the bottom of the canyon.

There are some unique rock formations found here because of its
proximity to a large sandstone outcrop. Huge sandstone boulders are strewn along the canyon floor.

Between the giant boulders in the recesses of the canyons, shaded green places exist that provide sanctuary and sustenance to local fauna. As is typical in Red Rock Canyon the relationship between species is evident. Plants crowd around water sources. The plants change the area providing food and shelter for animals.
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