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Las Vegas Hotels At Night
Bellagio Hotel and Casino

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is latest venture of casino innovator Steve Wynn. The underlying concept behind all of the properties which Steve Wynn manages and controls is quality and the feeling which can best be captured with the term 'high class'. While this is an old idea in Las Vegas dating back to the original Flamingo and Caesars Palace, it is apparent that Steve Wynn is the best at it.

Each property which Mr. Wynn operates have the effect of raising the overall quality of the Las Vegas experience. For example, the Bellagio has a spectacular fountain show every 15 minutes. This show can be seen from the sidewalk. The Treasure Island, which Mr. Wynn also controls has a Pirate ship battle in front of that casino. This can also been seen from the sidewalk. This type of entertainment makes any stroll along the Strip at night better.




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