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Officially known it is as The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. Vegas love nicknames and that never caught on. Everybody calls it 'The Rio'. Official titles usually don't catch on but 'The Rio' has definitely earned a reputation in Las Vegas.

There are a lot of reasons why the Rio is distinctive and worth checking out. The "Carnival World Buffet" is one of the best buffets in Las Vegas. They do Asian to Mexican cuisine very well and in a personalized setting that resembles each specific type of restaurant. You can order Chinese and they will make it for you right there, fresh. Italian food, go over to the section and they will do the same.

The setting is great and done with the Vegas finesse which is standard at best places. The buildup, or what anywhere else would be called a wait in line, is great also. The volume of people which this place handles is amazing. Sometimes the line was about 6 to 8 people wide and it wrapped around the casino for some distance. The atmosphere is like standing in line at a movie on a Friday or Saturday night, every night. There is anticipation and people look forward to the experience.

There is a lot going on at the Rio all the time during the evening hours. 
Starting at 3pm and continuing until 9:30pm, 'The Masquerade Show In The Sky' is a free performance which takes place throughout the Masquerade Village part of the casino. This is a 2-story part of the casino where shops and food places line the upper deck.

One of the hottest places to go in Vegas is the VooDoo Lounge. They open at 5 and live music starts at 9 on week days 10 on the weekend. The view from the deck is amazing. We will try to get photos from there soon.

The Rio also has a notable pool area. Some of the villa like suites can be seen in this area along with a lot of people braving the hazards of solar radiation.

Photo-wise the Rio is one of those places that shoots best in the day time. Night shots are problematic because the lights are scant and do not show how good this hotel really looks. 
These photos show the problematic nature of shooting night scenes with a digital camera. The problem is that some hotels look great but do not shoot well. The Luxor is a good example of that but the Rio is a close second.

The design of the Rio is very distinct and depends on the deep blue and red colored windows contrasting with the blue of the sky or reds of a sunset. This cannot be pulled off at night.

The Brazillian theme lends itself well to all aspects of the resort but some of the architecture looks good in its setting and might be appropriate in any number of themes. 
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