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The New York, New York Hotel is one of the best themed resorts in Las Vegas. Using the New York, specifically Manhattan skyline as the design of the hotel, the New York, New York is a natural on the Las Vegas Strip.

The theme itself is great in that it has endless possibilities to exploit. For example, the just completed this August 2004, a $30,000,000 remodel of their rooms (to look more 'New York-ish' I guess) is a promotional point for them, as if they need it. The theme resorts have places that somehow connect iconically or otherwise to their themes. In the New York, New York, they have Gallager's Steakhouse which is modeled and owned by the original in New York City.

The architecture also highlights different parts of New York such as the Statute of Liberty, New York Harbor and some other places. There seems to be plenty of room for expansion along the theme lines at this resort.
There is also a roller coaster ride which runs along the property borders. Called the Manhattan Express, it goes as high as 203 feet and has dead drops of 144 feet as its reaches speeds of up to 67 MPH. For people without cardiac conditions this might not be the ride. But for those who can deal with it, this ride is very unique in that it partially simulates what they call a 'barrel-roll' maneuver (their words: click here). It is definitely a cool ride and recommended. You might even get some good views of the general area.

The New York, New York Hotel is one of the best photo opportunities in Las Vegas both day or night. The only thing that messes up any photo that is panoramic are the power lines which for some reason exist above ground still.
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NOT like New York at all. Back in the sixties, they considered things like the width of Las Vegas Boulevard, the Strip, and it has not needed to have been widened except at a few intersections. Putting the power lines underground might have been a good idea also. But they only half believed that Las Vegas would be this successful in those days, so they only did a half --- job designing the place. We suffer for it now as Las Vegas is recently famous for its hideous traffic problems also.

The photos we used for the display this time are contrasts of the images of the the New York, New York's architecture between day and night.

Note the bumper to bumper traffic in te top picture, taken on a Saturday night.

Below are a daylight and a nighttime photo of what is supposed to be a tugboat in New York Harbor. It is located in the front part of the hotel facing the MGM. It really gives the place a nice touch.

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