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The Luxor Hotel is located on the far south end of the Las Vegas Strip, south of Tropicana Avenue, between the Mandalay Bay and Excalibur Resorts. The theme is Egyptian and the Luxor blends the sharp edges of the Pyramids with shape edged architecture.

The main hotel is actually a glass sided hollowed out pyramid shape. One of the most compelling and intriguing aspects of actual ancient Egyptian ruins is how clean the lines are and how modern those buildings look today. The designers of the Luxor Hotel combined cutting edge architectural design with the clean, elegant lines to create a well integrated environment which has high tech features in an Egyptian setting. 
The stone masonry from another era fits naturally into the rows of slot machines and makes normally mundane features such as columns into familiar icons of Ancient Egyptian culture.

From the top of the pyramid, which itself has 2256 of the resorts total of 4400 rooms, emits a huge laser that can be seen from the space shuttle. With the right weather conditions, the laser can also be seen from as far away as California when you are driving towards Las Vegas at night.

The one problem with the Luxor is that it does not shoot well at night. The pyramid is solid glass windows at that 39 angle and the only lights on the place are alone the edges of the buildings. The modal for the sphinx was a life sized photo of Elvis Presley. If you look closely you will immediately see the resemblance. *

The best photos are taken inside anyway. The Luxor has a ton of photo opportunities inside with its replicas of Egyptian statues, temples and architecture.

The use of natural stone in many places really enhances the look of the place and makes some of the larger spaces such as the lobby.
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The marble floors refect the light coming in from the side of the pyramid and give the whole scene a symetry that both visually expands the area and extends the design. The overall feeling is one of solidness and quality. Everything looks real and they tied not to make anything too cheesy.

In other places, Egyptian motifs are often poorly or inaccurately done. Not here. If you want something to look like it has lasted over 4,000 years, it has to appear solid enough to be able to sustain that journey through time. The Luxor blends a credible set of replicas into its elegant high tech architecture to create that effect.

One of the effects of all this polished stone are the reflections that you see in them. Note in the photo above, left how the person getting in the car 70 feet away is reflected in the base of this statute. In other places the stone is not polished as in the above left photo, so as to create contrasts and spaces where there would normally be none.

The effective use of lighting, space and materials makes the Luxor a special place just because the design is so good and consistently applied. Your gambling dollars were well spent here.

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