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Caesars Palace Forum Shops
Caesars Palace has a long and storied reputation. One of the original theme based hotels from the late sixties, Caesars Palace was built by Jay Sarno who really had a gift for creating theme resorts. The immediate success of Caesars Palace spurred Sarno on to create the equally well known Circus Circus next making Sarno the pioneer in creating concept and themed resorts in Las Vegas.

Circus Circus and Caesars Palace still exist as casino superpowers. Circus Circus went on from the sixties to build the Excalibur and Mandalay Bay Hotels. Caesars Palace developed on the same lot that they have occupied since they opened.

Masters of compact settings, the designers of Caesars Palace are always changing the place and making good use of every space available.

In 2004 Caesars Palace added over 175,000 square feet. These photos of the Caesars Forum Shops are from Fall 2002. Photos of the current renovations at Caesars will be posted as soon as possible. (We have more photos and pictures this year than the time to put them all up.)

These photos show us how busy places like Caesars Palace are. It is not overcrowded but unless you have been here before, it is surprisingly busy and large. For lunch and dinner, the sidewalk cafes are usually busy with a mix of locals, people staying at Caesars and people coming to Caesars just to look around.

This is our world famous "Flippin' Caesar" photo. This famous image shows Augustus Caesar rather graphically explaining what will happen if you gamble for too long.
Of course it is not what it looks like! But the shadows, being just right, were tempting for this one. If you 'borrow' it, at least put a link back to our site.
Caesars Palace is one of the original 'destination resorts'. That means not only are you coming to Las Vegas but you are coming to either stay, play or visit Caesars Palace. They know that and that is why they keep their fans interested by changing and adding about once every two years on the average.
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One of the principal focal points for the designers at Caesars is The Forum Shops. Caesars Palace was one of the original resorts to include shopping as part of how they attracted people to Las Vegas. The Fashion Show Mall which is just down the street proved that high end shopping was something that visitors wanted to do in Las Vegas. Caesars Palace combined high end shopping with a high end resort.

The Forum Shops is not just hign end merchandise, it serves as the venue for some of the most famous restaurants in the world. Caesars also has it show, Atlantis here.

The Forum Shops with its atmosphere and multiple activity resources, has itself become a destination. People come here just to see the Forum. 

The Forum also has a mall like atmosphere with people window shopping and meeting with friends for lunch or dinner at one of the sidewalk cafes.

The ceilings are painted to resemble the sky. Most of the storefronts are designed to look like they are part of a village street in ancient Rome. The corridors are winding and the shops stick to theme in almost every instance. Off the main promenades are familiar brand name shops and some unique shops.

Inside, Caesar also works part time as a master puppeteer using his finger to guide the movements of life like snowbirds on the floor below.
The majority of The Forum Shops are not high end and out of the average budget. When you get away from the Versace's and Wolfgang Puck's place and wander though the little side streets, the upper crust of the type of stores that populate malls throughout the US are found in numbers.

The Forum Shops have more than 100 'boutiques' and 11 restaurants.

The planners of The Forum Shops really know how to do a mall. This place has the atmosphere of a busy mall and the ambience of satisfied visitors who will not go away disappointed.

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