Lake Mead Photos - The North Shore Road
The North Shore Road is State Highway 159 from the Lake Mead Blvd intersection up to the Valley of Fire intersection.

This 45 mile drive along the western shore of the northern part of Lake Mead is one of the most scenic rides in Southern Nevada.

If you have ever seen car or truck commercials any time in the last 2 decades, you will have seen the North shore Road or the Valley of Fire.
What makes this place so interesting is the stark contrasts in topography, color, geology, vistas and much more.

Along the way is are three of Lake Meads marinas.
Callville Bay Marina, Echo Bay Marina, and Overton Beach Marina. If you are coming from Las Vegas, it is suggested that you either continue on through the Valley of Fire or drive through to Overton, Logandale and Mesquite.
At the 12.5 MM (mile marker), we see red sandstone outcroppings eroded out of twisted and turned layers of ancient rock.
Even when the the rocks and stat are not as colorful, they still take interesting and unusual shapes.
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