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Inside Hoover Dam Photos
Hoover Dam is an awe inspiring building. The size and particulars are explained on my Hoover Dam pages. What we want to do here is to look at the generators that are inside the dam.

The dam tour ... takes you inside and through Hoover Dam to a spot where you can get a good view of the generator area. The inside the dam part of the tour starts by leaving the elevators and going through a dark leaky looking tunnel.

The first impression that everybody gets is how perfectly clean this facility is. Hoover Dam is perfectly clean inside. There is no cleaner place outside of an operating room or a 'clean room' that is this clean and polished.
Most of the inside of Hoover Dam is concrete is course but when you get to the bottom there are huge rooms that house the generators.

There are 2 wings to the Hoover Dam power plant, one on the Nevada side and one on the Arizona side. There are none main generator units on the Arizona side of the Colorado River and 8 on the Nevada side of the river.

The total rated capacity of all the generators is 2,074 megawatts.

These huge generators create a current of 16,500 volts! It is then 'stepped up' via transformers to 230,000 volts for transmission to distant places.
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