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Photo And Picture Usage Policy
Anyone can use the photos on this web site as long as they:
1) Ask permission so that we may note who you are, the image and where the image is used.
2) And give this web site a link back.
3) Do not link to the IMAGES from your web site. This uses bandwidth on my server and is very exploitive and not so bright as it leaves a provable trail back to you and your server. Not only do these folks steal the photos and not give credit, they also make me for the bandwidth to do it! Unfortunately for the copyright violators, these kind of thefts leave such a solid trail that they lead to slam dunk copyright violation suites against the offender. These cases are so easy that our attorney is very eager to take them. So if you need to take a photo without permission, at least do a good job and don't get caught!

As for the legal ownership of the images, I do am the person who has taken all of the photos on this web site and I do not claim to own the images that they contain. Sometimes my photos are better than what is commonly found on the web. But I do not think that I know anything about photography nor do I think that I am better than another photographer.

I am really ambivalent about the copyright issue. Some people act like they own the images, which is impossible. If you take a photo of Hoover Dam, you cannot own Hoover Dam and if someone takes exactly the same photo from the same angle and everything else is the same also, do you own that shot? No, no one owns it.

As for advice (which people actually sometimes ask me for), the most important thing that I can tell you about taking pictures is to have fun doing it and to realize what you are doing. That is what I tried to do when I took the photos that are on this web site and that I hope to continue to put on this web site.

I don't know about "F-stops" and all that stuff. My recommendation is that if you want to learn about cameras, learn about "F-stops". If you want to learn how to take pictures, you out and start taking them. If you have a story to tell with your pictures, maybe someone can assist you in being more effective, but you do not need help telling your story or communicating with your photos.

Larger, Print-size images.
Most of the photos on this web site have been optimized for the web. That means they are not in the original quality and size. The photos were taken with the possibility in mind of making 30x40 prints out of them. I have hundreds of these photos. To inquire about using these images, please contact us via email below.

Linking back to this web site.
If you use the photos, like this web site, or just need to link to some information, please feel free to do so. This always helps with the search engines - supposedly ....
If you want a link back use the list of links below.

To use photos or questions about larger prints -> Click Here
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