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The Lost City Museum, is located south of Overton Nevada. The museum houses an extensive collection of Virgin Anasazi artifacts. Built on the ruin of an actual Virgin Anasazi pueblo, the museum has a reconstruction what that pueblo may have looked like many centuries ago.Lost City Museum

8:30 AM - 4:30 PM Thursday through Sunday.

There is a $5.00 entry fee (18+) to get into the museum which is more than worth it. There is a small gift shop in the museum (this is subject to change). 

There are rare and outstanding books, rare Nevada State Museum archeological monographs. For the traveler Native American jewelry and crafts, books, minerals and souvenirs are available at very good prices.

There is artwork from a variety of artists where a different artist is featured every month. These prints are so good that they alone would make the ride worth it.

The Anasazi
The Anasazi are a well known and interesting prehistoric culture that existed in prehistoric times throughout the northwest part of the Southwest US.

Later Anasazi groups constructed and lived in cliff dwellings such as Mesa Verde. The designs on the pottery made and used by the Anasazi are also intriguing. After occupying vast tracts of the Southwest the Anasazi abandoned many areas leaving behind their ruins, pottery and other signs of substantial and long term occupation.

Many questions exist as to why the Anasazi culture left areas such as the Moapa Valley. Signs of warfare, disease, invasion and other factors which would likely account for such a shift in population are not apparent. 

The museum outstanding exhibits of the pottery and artifacts found by archaeologists. We show some of that collection here and recommend that a day trip the Lost City Museum is worth your time for this and many other reasons.

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