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St. Thomas Nevada, Ghost Town - Remains of Public Buildings

When we realized that St Thomas was finally, completely uncovered, we went out there The Post Office in St Thomas Ghost Townimmediately hoping to be the first. We did get there soon enough to capture pictures of lake water filled foundations of buildings near the now new shoreline. Note the angle of the shot was to maximize the reflection of the water held within the building. The features which were designed o keep water out, now keeps it in the building making unlikely water tanks out of them.

There were actually fish still alive swimming in this building. The water was only about 2 feet deep.
While we wanted to be the first to get here, the footprints in the mud told us otherwise. We did View of Post Office in St Thomas Nevada Ghost Townnot expect that anyone would have either the nads or the brain damage to try to get out here before us. And this is true. But we did not expect the Park Service to have such an immediate interest also. 

The only other footprints you see are those of the rangers and they can use boats. The footprints were made when the mud was softer. As it was the mud was still extremely soft in most places and we had to walk on relatively high or gravely spots to get around without sinking several inches.

There is quite a bit of variation on the surface soils in this area showing ripple effects in sandy areas and stream bottom type gravels in other areas. Fingered throughout are mud embankments with material similar to that covering higher elevations.
In this view we see what some have referred to as the post office. We have viewed the map of this spot and it could be either the St Thomas Post Office or the St Thomas School. Unlike in the first image this building did not hold its water.

There is a slight difference in elevation and this might account for the lack of identical features.

Note the footprints. These were the only ones when we got there. They might have been the rangers footprints. But they probably arrived by boat as the footprints lead back to where Lake Mead was and not back to the trail. Thus we were probably the first civilians there! And the first ones to come overland. It cannot be over stressed that the conditions were hotter than normal that summer and it is recommended that if you do choose to visit St thomes that you do it in the winter months.
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