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The Hoover Dam Intake Towers
The intake towers at Hoover Dam are also huge. There are two on each side of the dam, 2 in Arizona and 2 in Nevada. In this view we see both sets of intake towers from the Arizona side. Note that these photos Hoover Dam intake towers from the Arizona sidewere shot in April 1999 when the water level is at almost maximum level.

    In the center, above the rim of the dam, is the Visitors Center. Further in the background is the covered parking.

    To get a really good perspective on everything at Hoover Dam, at least from the outside, a round trip from the covered parking to the Arizona side is a good idea. This way both the front side of the dam and the Colorado River with the power plants far below and the Lake Mead side can be seen and photographed.

Hoover Dam intake towers from the Nevada side    This picture is of the intake towers as seen from the Nevada side of Hoover Dam.

    At certain times of the year, you would be looking at 2 different time zones, Pacific, which is the time in Nevada and Mountain which is the time zone for Arizona. Arizona does not set its clocks to daylight savings time. 

Hoover Dam intake tower from the Nevada side    For part of the year, in the summer, Arizona and Nevada are on the  same time. It is good to remember this as step across the time zones and state lines in the of Hoover Dam. If you are coming from the east through to Las Vegas or somewhere else in Southern Nevada you will gain an hour, but only in the summer or daylight savings months.

    This little detail has messed up timing on travel plans for a long time. Thus very poignantly, there are clocks on the intake towers on each side.
Hoover Dam intake toers exposed by the recent drought    If there is to be a bright side to the effects of the current drought, it is in revealing more of the intake towers than we are usually able to see.

     Not since the time that Lake Mead began to fill up has so much of the intake towers been exposed to view. In the photos taken above in April 1999, you see the water levels as close to the top as they can get.

    This photo taken August 30, 2004 show the dam when the water level is 85 feet below the point in the photos.
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