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Valley of Fire MapThe Valley of Fire seems to be best suited to driving between locations and hiking or walking around at each location. This map was scanned and enhanced from the pamphlet that is available at the Visitor's Center. Each locale has something different to offer. 

From the perspective of the photographer it is necessary to plan your visit here to get the optimal sunlight for the part of Valley of Fire that you are interested in taking photos of.

The time of year also can effect exactly when is the best time of day to shoot photos at any particular spot.

A good strategy is to be at Rainbow Vista from 9am until around noon to get direct sunlight on the valley below. This is one of the most expansive vistas at the Valley of Fire. From here you can see north to Duck Rock, the White Dooms and the mountains beyond. [Rainbow Vista]. There is some shadowing early. After the sun reaches the halfway point in the sky, the shadows are from the west and increasingly obscure more of the area.

The Mouse's Tank Trail is best taken closer to noon or when the sun is directly overhead. This is because large parts of the trail are surrounded by high canyon walls. These places will be in shadow for large parts of the day.

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