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The Seven Sisters are called that because of the unusual results of aeolian erosion on the bright red sandstone. This type of erosion is common in deserts. In the Valley of Fire wind erosion creates natures sculptures in numbers.

Everywhere are examples of the winds action on the soft red sandstone. As the wind abrades the rocks disarticulating them one grain at a time it leaves its mark on the stone. Each grain freed from its place joins in with the wind to free more of its cohorts. The horde finally rests in dunes and then moves and shifts as the wind pushes it.

Over millions of years, what was once a ridge or a mountain, has been reduced by the relentless action of the winter, water, heat and cold, to relatively slender stone pillars. Sometimes they stand together. The Seven Sister's do not actually resemble people in anything but an imagined sense. They are icons sculpted out of red sandstone by nature. They represent the struggle of all forms, animate and stationary against the forces of time and nature.

There is a bathroom conveniently located here to assist in travelers  struggles against nature. There is some shade and there are picnic tables and trash cans. This is a good pit stop area because it is interesting and usually not crowded.

In order to get a decent photo of these unique formations, you just have to move around the place and look for a good perspective. The angle of the sunlight is usually not an issue but noon is usually a good time to take photos here because it gives you the most flexibility in regard to light angles.

Your light angle not only reveals surfaces but it also shows relief when the shadows are just right. As you try to get a picture of everything you will notice that it is not possible to get the best shadow angles in every shot.

The other element you have to deal with here are the manmade features. While  they make it convenient to picnic here, the trails, tables and other artifacts can intrude on what might have been an outstanding image. In some instances thought was only given to convenience by the early workers. Who can blame them it is hot out here.

It is difficult to get all of the Seven Sister's in a single shot. Since the road is in all the good angles incorporating it into the photo makes sense. This picture was taken east of the Seven Sisters about half of a mile away. If you are coming from the east note that this will be your best 'group' shot of the sisters.




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