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More than anything else the Valley of Fire has unique and interesting rock formations, natures sculptures in stone. Wind and water, and Sandstones arches formed by erosionfreeze-thaw cycles erode the soft Navajo sandstone into random, ephemeral shapes. The rock shapes are ultimately unsustainable. Eventually the arches, bridges and other shapes fall down or are transformed into grains of sand or other shapes.

Everywhere one goes in the Valley of Fire the sandstone is sculpted into shapes that are interesting and intriguing. The formations that are pictured here are just a few of the thousand of shapes that the actions of erosion have created over millions of years.

Often the form that these shapes take remind you of something else. The shapes are so random and different that they seem like a type of Rorschach test.

Some people see bridges, some see arches. Sometimes most people agree on what a formation looks like such as at places like the Bee Hives.

The Valley of Fire does not seem to have an iconic shape, formation or vista that distinguishes it from all the other red sandstone parks in the region such as the Arches National Park in Utah

What the Valley of Fire has are thousands of arches, small bridges and natural Rorschach tests. Some of these forms seem to like like something they are not. The shadows and wind carved rocks conspire to make shapes that remind us of something or what we think something should look like.

If the light and shadows are not right you might miss these shapes. Other Rorschach tests are man made. These would be the shapes and images carved and pecked onto the rocks in places like Atl Atl Rock or Petroglyph Canyon. What the rock formations and shapes, as well as the man made images on the rocks are is open to interpretation. What is not open to interpretation is that these things will all change and eventually disappear. While the red and yellow sandstones in the Valley of Fire are representations of the distant past the also represent change that is constant in nature.

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