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The highlight of any trip to Red Rock, even to Las Vegas, can be a horseback trail ride. Riding through a red sand desert, through mountainside meadows, to desert springs on trails over a hundred years old, bring visions of the old west. Of cowboy movies. Of sunsets in old western movies that you remember from your childhood. You can experience that feeling.

What can you ever get from a casino? Money? We have a saying in Las Vegas, if you want to double your money, take it out of your pocket, fold it in half, then put it back into your pocket. The only memories that you are likely to take back from casino are of those of the money you once had.

Take something with you from Vegas. Take memories. Take a horseback ride. Bring your family. They will remember it too. When your kids are your age, this could be their cowboy movie. Their old west. 

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Spanish Trail Horseback Adventures
For this package there are two rides that you can take and they both pick you up at your hotel and feed you.

Doc Holiday Breakfast Ride.
This is a two-hour ride that takes you along a section of the Spanish Trail early in the day - recommended for rides in the summer.

Dalton Gang Lunch Ride.
This is a trail ride that lasts for two-hours and ends with a barbeque lunch.

Cowboy for a Day Horseback Ride / Wild West Scenic Sunset Ride
This ride lasts for 5.5 hours. After the ride is over you are treated to a barbeque dinner of steak or mesquite grilled chicken. Pick-up and drop-off service is always provided. These rides begin at 3pm.

Other horseback rides in Red Rock:

Name Phone
Bonnie Springs-Old Nevada 702.875.4191
Cowboy Trail Rides 702.387.2457


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