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Calico Tanks Photos

The Calico Tanks area offer great hiking, vistas, creative rock formations and small valleys that you can isolate yourself in. Away from the Wilson Cliffs, the Calico Hills are a little windier than the canyons at Red Rock.

Wind erosion is evident here. Brisk winds can blow in from any direction sweeping the rocks clean and shape them into unique formations. This area has definite boundaries in the types and colors of the rocks.

Some limestone's are mixed in with the sandstone but mostly there are thousands of shades of yellow and red in the sandstones that completely surround you. Sometimes right next to each other. How the colors were swirled around like that is how to image considering that what we see is the result of millions of years of twisting, pulling and bending of the earth's crust.
The vista's are outstanding. The higher you climb along the trail the more you see that the Calico Hills are not canyon like at all. They are just part of a large outcrop that was exposed by erosion. By the wind.

It's hard to get all the different vista's and perspectives that are available from the high places in this area into a few photos. Sometimes it is enough just to open people's eyes to what they can see.
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