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Become a savvy apartment renter in Las Vegas.

Renting apartments in Las Vegas is likely to be different than renting apartments anywhere else. This is because Las Vegas is unusual in many respects, 24 hour town, a high percentage of transients, a constant tremendous growth in population and many other factors that make Las Vegas different. This has ramifications for the renter.

One of the most important factors the has consequences for renters in Las Vegas is that sometimes there is a considerable turnover rate in management teams at some apartment complexes. From personal experience at several apartment communities in Las Vegas we have seen up to 4 different managers in one year. What this can mean for the renter is that timely repairs and maintenance may fluctuate in quality. One manager may be on top of getting repairs done for their tenants while another may not be. Different apartment managers will have different priorities. There are several things that concern renters and potential renters in Las Vegas and each manager will have a different approach to them.

Timeliness of repairs, noisy neighbors, cleanliness and security top the list of what most renters are concerned about. Of course, if you ask, the managers will always tell you that they are on top of these problems. But are they really? If they are, will they be around long enough to provide good service?

Tip 1: Walk the grounds of the apartments by yourself. Guided tours tend to be through the best part of the apartment complex. 

Tip 2: Look at the garbage areas, are they clean or is there garbage everywhere? 

Tip 3: Look in the laundry rooms, are they dirty.

Tip 4: If it is summer, check the pool. Is it open, is it clean, is it noisy?

Tip 5: When you walk around listen for noisy stereos, if noise is a concern.

Tip 6: How does the parking area look? Are there a lot of vehicles that look like they are stored there?

Tip 7: Ask the manager how long they have been working there.

Tip 8: Ask about the current occupancy rate, look for a lot of empty apartments when you walk through the place.

Tip 9: Read so called apartment reviews carefully. They tend to be negative about 80 percent of the time and they are listed long after the managers term. Frequently a bad review exists long after the situation has been dealt with. Are the reviews old? Do they review places that are not apartments? Was the tenant simply disgruntled and trying to get even with the manager?

Tip 10: Send us your tips and we might include them here. Click Here to send us your tip.

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