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Bad Credit?
Did you know that over 90% of the apartments in Las Vegas require a credit check before they let you move in? Costing between 25 and 50 dollars each the amount of the credit background check is applied to your rent - if you make it. Otherwise the money you paid is gone and you get to move on to the next place hoping that they don't get the same information or have the same standards.

At Apartment Finding Service of Las Vegas we know what you need and how to qualify BEFORE you spend you money.

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When you want to rent an apartment in Las Vegas you will find that about 90% of the places that you will place an application into will ask for a fee of between $25 to $50 that would be applied to you rent if you are approved. Most of this fee is spent on doing a credit check to determine if you are 'financially responsible'.

How this is determined varies considerably from place to place. Some places will accept anyone with bad credit providing that they pay a larger deposit. Very few places will not accept you at all if you have bad credit. What you don't want to do if you are turned down by one place is go to another place that may be managed by the same company. Then are wasting your money and your time. If you are turned down find out who the management company is so that you can avoid this. Some places will only turn you down if you happen to have a bad credit referral from another apartment complex. This should be obvious. However, in this case some places will still accept you - but, again you will have to pay a higher deposit.

One of the best alternatives to renting an apartment if you have bad credit is renting a house or a condo. The owners of houses and condos rarely do credit backgrounds. They do however usually require first and last months rent before you move in. This is an interesting situation because if the owner of the house raises the rent on you while you are living there, technically the last month of your stay will be at the original rental rate. Something to consider ... especially when rents seem to go up every time your lease ends.

The thing you want to do whether you have good credit or bad credit is to get everything in writing and keep a copy of that information. It may come in handy.

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