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Is Renting a Home - House Right for You?

There are both benefits and drawbacks to renting a house or an apartment in Las Vegas. The most immediate benefit in renting an apartment in Las Vegas is that they can cost less per month to rent. However, with rents rapidly rising, sometimes every month, the difference between home rentals and apartment rentals is not that significant any more. The average house rental in Las Vegas appears to be around $1100.00 to $1200.00 per month although there are some homes that rent for significantly less. The average apartment rent is Las Vegas for a 1 bedroom unit is currently hovering around $850.00 per month.

The number of bedrooms that you need is critical in your decision to either rent a home or an apartment. For 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, the monthly rental rate is in line with renting a home. The comparison between renting a home or an apartment should be on the basis of how many bedrooms you need to have. Then renting a house / home becomes very reasonable. If you only need a single bedroom then an apartment is the most effective place to put your money. If you only need a single bedroom but you have more than one car or a boat, trailer or some other conveyance then you might consider either an apartment that has storage facilities for for boats and such or you should consider renting a house. Renting an extra storage facility for your boat, trailer or whatever can be costly and should be factored into whatever else you would be paying for renting an apartment.

Another important consideration is privacy. You almost always have more privacy renting a home. Apartment corridors can be noisy, neighbors can be messy leaving there garbage outside their door so that you get to look at it for a while, depending on how the apartment building is designed, everybody knows when you come and go, or when you have visitors. Privacy can be a significant issue for some. Renting a home in Las Vegas affords you significantly more privacy than most apartments.

Quality of lifestyle is something that only a few apartment managers understand. This is very subjective however. If you like to play your stereo loud, in an apartment you will have neighbors complaining. Renting a house is a solution to this issue. Perhaps you don't want to hear your neighbors stereos and you are unlucky enough to live in an apartment complex where noise enforcement is poor. In that case renting a home will insulate you against loud neighbors. Parking may be considered a 'quality' issue. For example you may have to park quite a distance from your residence at an apartment complex. Renting a home, you park in your own driveway.

Quality of lifestyle can take many forms because it is so subjective and different people consider different factors. Suppose you live on the first floor and your neighbors upstairs seem to put bricks in their shoes when they walk over you abode and you hear every step they take. That may not bother some people and really bother others. It is subjective. On the whole, the more neighbors you have the more likely something they do will intrude upon your space.

These are important considerations you need to make when choosing between renting a home or an apartment in Las Vegas. Cost, your needs, privacy and quality of lifestyle are some of the factors that you need to consider.

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